What is SIGNiX's TotalAudit feature?

Most e-signature companies use audit trails (sometimes also called an audit log) to track the steps of the signature process. The audit trail is a powerful tool that can prove who signed a document and when they signed it. 

We’ve always taken pride in offering the most detailed audit trail on the market. This feature, which we call TotalAuditTM, is included at no additional cost.

TotalAudit keeps track of all of the following events:

  • Transaction creation
  • Changed party information
  • Cancellations and opt outs
  • Document downloads after signing
  • Transaction completion
  • Party agreement to/acknowledgment of document
  • Signature creation (by each signer)
  • Documents viewed by each signer
  • User authentication
  • Signers consent to use e-signatures
  • Emails and notifications sent to any signer
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