Does SIGNiX use proprietary technology?

Though our signatures use a patented process, the digital signatures that are produced by our system are standards-based and aren’t proprietary. The digital signatures are stored in the PDFs produced by our system and can be independently verified without checking back with SIGNiX’s system. 

The signatures are produced according to ISO 32000-1 (PDF), and include cryptographic elements that are also standards-based, including x.509, RSA, DSA and SHA, among others.

E-signature services that don’t utilize digital signatures for each signing event require customers to check with their service to validate individual signatures, meaning if the service goes out of business or is offline, those signed documents may be put into question. 

SIGNiX keeps a detailed audit log, however, for evidentiary purposes. This audit log is also available as part of the signing process, and can be provided in XML and PDF versions. 

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