eNotary Frequently Asked Questions

This is a FAQ section for our Remote Online Notarization platform only.

eNotaryDoX Frequently Asked Questions

The SIGNiX support team is here to answer your questions regarding eNotaryDoX capabilities and assist you with use of our platform. Should you have a question that is not answered below, you may contact your account manager or open a ticket.

Please note: Remote online notarization requirements may vary among states. SIGNiX is an independent service provider and cannot offer legal advice of any kind. Questions regarding legal or regulatory requirements should be directed to the regulatory authority in your state.

Does eNotaryDoX include audio-video software / communication technology

Yes. The eNotaryDoX platform integrates the industry-leading Zoom meeting platform, and allows you to schedule, host and record all online notarizations without having to register for a Zoom account.

Can I have multiple signers in a transaction?

Yes. They can all join the online meeting for the notarization.

Can I have multiple documents in a transaction?


How many attempts do clients have to pass identity proofing and credential analysis?

Your clients have 2 attempts to pass KBA (ID proofing) and credential analysis before becoming locked out. 

Where are documents and video recordings stored after completion?

All completed documents and files can be found in your Document Center Home, available for download locally. SIGNiX will store these files online for 90 days, per our current terms of service. 

What happens to documents and video recordings after 90 days?

SIGNiX may purge documents after 90 days. You are responsible for downloading and storing the files before the end of the 90 day period and complying with your state’s document retention requirements. 

Can I conduct a title signing with both in-person and remote signers?

Yes. In-person signers can be authenticated per standard in-person requirements, while remote signers can be authenticated with identity proofing services offered through SIGNiX, as required by state and local laws.

What if I have a standard document that needs to be included with each notarization, like a Notarial Certificate?

You can use our template feature to save a tagged document so there is no need to upload and tag the same document each time.

Can the signer use a smartphone for the signing process?

Yes. The entire signing process can be completed on a mobile device. For the credential analysis portion of authentication for signers, a mobile device is required to capture images of an ID and to take a photo (selfie) of the signer. However there may be some limitations inherent to mobile devices when it comes to the Zoom video meeting, so we suggest that a computer or laptop be used whenever possible for signing and Zoom.

Do I need to purchase a Digital Certificate?

No. It is included in the eNotaryDoX platform and attached (inserted into) to every document signed through our system. 

Do I need to purchase an electronic Notary Seal?

Check with your state if you can upload an image of your wet seal, or if you must use an electronic seal that you purchase online.

Can I use eNotaryDoX for a non-U.S. citizen?

Usually, no. Current identity proofing technologies require the use of a Social Security Number and US based history, plus a US form of ID such as a drivers license or passport. A signer without a Social Security Number would be unable to complete the authentication process. However, some states allow this with a credible witness, but check with your state for further details.

Can I use eNotaryDoX for a non-English document?

Rules may vary. Please consult the appropriate authority in your state. We do support multiple languages.

How should I collect payment from my clients?

Most of our notaries collect payment using online payment apps such as PayPal and similar services. SIGNiX is not involved with the collection of your payments at this time.

When should I collect payment from my clients?

We recommend payment be collected in advance, in case the client is unable to pass authentication after you have prepared the documents and met with them.

What is the cost for eNotaryDoX?

Click here to view the pricing.

Do I have access to SIGNiX Customer Support?

Yes. Your access to customer support is determined by the support plan selected in your eNotaryDoX Agreement. If you did not select a support plan, your access to support is subject to our Reasonable Use Policy in the Terms of Service. You can email the support team at CustomerSupport@signix.com 

If you couldn't find an answer you were looking for, feel free to submit a ticket to we can dig a little deeper.