Hold Emails to Signers

You have the option to hold the transactional email that the signer is going to receive. Most notaries use this so the signer can't enter the transaction early.

Notaries can now choose to "hold" the email with a link to the documents until the signer(s) are assembled in the online meeting. This was done to help situations where signers were able to access and sign their documents before being on video with their notary, which was not ideal for RON transactions.

A new option has been added to "Let me choose when to send emails to signers" on the Send screen while creating a new transaction.

The online meeting invitation will go out to all signers and the notary, as expected, once a meeting has been scheduled.

When the notary is ready to send out an email to the first signer so that they can access the documents and begin signing, there is now a button on the Status screen of the transaction to "Stop Email Hold" and that will send out the email to the first signer.

It is very important that the notary Logout of their account after removing the email hold, so that they are not accessing the transaction while the signers attempt to login and sign.

Relevant Screenshots:

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