Zoom Recordings

For eNotary users.

There are several ways you can download your Zoom recordings after you have completed a transaction. Once you stop a meeting, it will take about 10 minutes or more for the video to be processed and made available. You can either download directly from Zoom or from your SIGNiX Account.

Zoom will send you an email when the video recording is available. Please use the second link that is "for viewers" in order to view / download the video. For some reason, the first link that Zoom sends does not work as expected.

You can also download the video recording from your account, both from the Transaction Status page and from the eNotary Profile screen.

You will have 90 days from the time the recording is created to download and save the video into your own personal records. Once 90 days have passed, Zoom may delete the video and we may not be able to help you get a copy of it, so we recommend that you do not wait to download but do so as soon as possible.

Relevant Screenshots:

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