How do I view a signed document that's already open in Preview/Quick Look on an iOS device?

1) If you only have one attachment in an email, or you downloaded a digitally signed file, you may already be looking at the PDF. If you’re in a browser like Safari, it may have opened in a new tab. You may be wondering where the signatures are…they’re there, you just need to open it in Adobe Reader.

To ensure you’re seeing it correctly, tap your finger once on the screen. In the upper right hand corner you should see an icon that looks like a box with an arrow pointing out of it or you may see the words Open In...

2) Tap on that icon or those words, and you’ll see the following dialog.

3) Now, click on the Adobe Reader icon, and you’ll see the document as it was intended with the signatures you were expecting.

Note that features like the green checkmark, Signature History™ and other embedded information will not be available on a mobile device due to its more limited capabilities, so if you have questions about the document, be sure to open it on a Windows or Mac computer in Adobe Reader (or other app as described above) to dig deeper into these other assurance features. No results found