Instructions for Adobe Digital Certificate

Instructions for Helping Adobe to Recognize the SIGNiX Digital Certificate

In this article, we will cover some steps you can take to see if your Adobe program is setup to accept the SIGNiX digital certificate so that signatures from our system appear valid. Please note these instructions are for the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program, which is our recommended PDF reader as it is free to use and widely accepted.

Steps to Take:

  • 1.      Open the Signature Panel to quickly review the signatures on the document. It should say that all are valid. If it does not, there may be a reason listed as to why, such as changes made after the document was signed.
  • a.       Note that the final “signature” is actually SIGNiX adding the “Field Lock” which is our Tamper Evident system that will automatically mark the signatures as Invalid should there be any tampering / changes made to the document now that it has been signed.

    Screenshot #1

  • 2.      You can open one of the signatures in the panel, and it should tell you that the “Source of Trust” was “obtained from Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL).” If your program does not show this, you may need to tell your program to begin checking the AATL when validating signatures.

    Screenshot #2

  • 3.      If you click on the signature itself on the page of the document, a small window will popup to provide similar validation information. You can then click on the “Signature Properties” button to dig in even further if you wish.

    Screenshot #3

  • 4.      To find the settings for your Adobe program’s ability to validate signatures, please return to the document and then select “Edit” at the very top, then “Properties at the bottom of that drop-down menu. You should see this screen below, and choose the “More” option for the Verification section.

    Screenshot #4

  • 5.      You will want to see if your settings are similar to those shown below, or if they need some adjusting. Some of this is setup when you first install Adobe, and it may have asked you which certificates to trust. It is not uncommon for that setting to be done differently, but you can adjust here as needed.

    Screenshot #5

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