Notary Transactions - Real Estate

To support emerging requirements from title underwriters as well as MISMO, SIGNiX notaries will now be required to indicate for every notary transaction whether it involves real estate and/or title documents.

When creating a new transaction, notaries will be presented with a question at the start of the process to find out if they are notarizing documents which are for real estate situations, such as title documents for example.

If yes, the notary will be required to include the address of the property in question as well as the specific title underwriter being used. Screenshots below.

Once the question has been answered as "Yes" then there will be a new "Real Estate Questions" button on the Signers screen, beside the "Address Book" button so that those answers can be edited as needed until the transaction is created.

If notaries never notarize these types of documents in their practice, there is an option to opt out.  When you edit your eNotary profile, you can select "no" and we encourage you to read the full acknowledgement before agreeing. This question can be answered "yes" later, if your situation changes for any reason.