SIGNiX Interactions with Email Security Services (i.e. ProofPoint)

Many companies currently protect their companies with a range of security platforms, including software that analyzes links shared in emails for malware and other questionable content. Commonly known as email security or link protection software, some vendors of these services include:

  •          Proofpoint - URLDefense Targeted Attack Protection
  •          Microsoft Office 365 - Advanced Threat Protection
  •          McAfee – ClickProtect
  •          Mimecast Secure Email

Based on recent bug reports, an in-depth analysis of our own logs as well as corroborating information from multiple clients, SIGNiX has determined that these solutions are causing signers to experience unusual behavior when they click on email links to, in turn, sign documents sent through SIGNiX.


These unusual behaviors may include, but are not limited to:

  •          Document loading and dialog issues
  •          Compliance issues - Missing information on required signature fields (such as printed name / reason)
  •          Errors such as “Field not found”
  •          Duplicate emails and notifications
  •          Issues accessing one-time, emailed links for password recovery
  •          Multiple user issues
  •          Links in the emails from SIGNiX may look very odd
  •          Transaction in Use messages (even when no user is currently using the transaction)
  •          Evidence issues - Multiple IP addresses and/or browsers not associated with the signer are being displayed in the audit trail (“Session Start”)

The last two issues are due to the way the email security service is (1) rewriting the URL to track clicks as well as who clicked it, and (2) clicking on the link multiple times to process / filter the information to check that the end site is secure.


The email security service will need to (a) exclude / whitelist the following URLs:


…or (b) be disabled or removed, in order to return proper, correct behavior of the SIGNiX service.

Please contact SIGNiX if you have any questions.

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