SIGNiX November 2022 Migration FAQ

The SIGNiX team will be working to migrate our system to a new data center platform in November 2022 and that will result in a service outage for a scheduled amount of time.

What is happening? 
SIGNiX is migrating from our current platform to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. 

Why are we migrating? 
SIGNiX is migrating to AWS to take advantage of new functionality that will increase our ability to enhance and improve our technical capabilities and architecture. 

When is the migration? 
We have made the decision to reschedule the migration to later in October. The new dates are:

Friday 11/11 at 8pm Eastern, through Sunday 11/13 8pm Eastern.

The previously planned dates were in October but that has now been pushed back to the above dates instead.

Will there be a service outage? 
Yes, there will be a full service outage for the entire SIGNiX system during the migration weekend, starting Friday evening at 8pm Eastern until Sunday 8pm Eastern.

Clients will be unable to access any part of SIGNiX during this window.

 Note that the system may be available prior to this time , so be sure to stay tuned to the SIGNiX Status page.

Will this migration change how the system / my account looks or works?
SIGNiX will be implementing no new changes with this migration so there won’t be any changes to how your account looks or works.

What will happen to In-Progress transactions?

Transactions will be inaccessible during the migration and will continue to accrue time while the system is offline. If they would have expired during the downtime (maintenance), when the system comes up, the transaction will then show as expired.

Will the new AWS data center still be located in the US?

Yes, it will remain within the United States.

How often should I expect something like this to happen?

Not often! The last time SIGNiX moved its datacenter was in 2008, nearly 14 years ago. SIGNiX only takes this type of action when absolutely necessary, the benefits outweigh the costs, and the user experience and access to new features and flexibility will be improved.

What about my data? 
SIGNiX has taken all available measures to ensure client data integrity during this platform migration. 

How can I be updated about this? 
By going to the SIGNiX status page on our main website, where you can Subscribe to receive email updates as this migration happens and as future updates occur: