Texas Notaries - How to update your state when the digital certificate renews each year

The state of Texas wants it's Remote Notaries to update them any time their digital certificate is renewed, which is once a year for those using the SIGNiX digital certificate.

The process of giving the state of Texas an updated digital certificate is very simple, and most notaries who have used our system for a while will be familiar with this process.

Create a new transaction for yourself to sign and notarize, and the new SIGNiX digital certificate will be automatically included in the signed PDF document.

This information can also be found here: Texas State Approval Page

Steps to follow:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on "Create a new Transaction"
  • Add yourself as the signer using the "I am the signer" checkbox and the "notary" checkbox
  • Upload the SOS document, which you can get here: Texas State Approval Page
  • Add a signature and a notary seal to the document.
  • Send it to yourself for signing.
  • Once the transaction is complete, download the document and send to your state.


The SIGNiX digital certificate is always included inside every single document that is signed and completed through our system. We update our digital certificate once a year, and it is a change that happens across the board, so users don't have to do anything to ensure they have the new certificate, as it is automatic.